Streaming Analytics

  • Product Overview

    Streaming Analytics - Physiological Waveform Analysis Platform

    Excel Medical Electronics has developed a groundbreaking new research platform for analyzing volumes of unstructured data in real time by integrating their BedMasterEx data acquisition solution with IBM’s® InfoSphere™ Streams technology.

    Complex and high frequency medical data such as physiological waveforms have gone relatively unstudied in the healthcare industry due to substantial technology barriers.

  • Features

    • Streaming Analytics is a Ground breaking Platform for Predictive Analytics
    • Powered by IBM’s® InfoSphere™ Streams
    • Research Platform
    • Waveform Analytics
    • Real Time and Retrospective Adopters
    • Foster Development and Validation of Algorithms with EME Customer Community Collaboration
  • Benefits

    • BedmasterEx deployed as a software only solution capable of physiological data acquisition from GE and Philips patient monitoring networks
    • Integration of BedMasterEx and Streaming Analytics platforms allow researchers to analyze patterns in physiological data that may detect and eventually to predict deadly clinical events such as cardiac arrest, ischemia and sepsis.

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